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A Winning Partnership with Fifth Third Bank
October 31st, 2016

In the heart of Downtown Detroit- is the regional headquarters of Fifth Third Bank, a U.S bank with origins that go back to 1858. Fifth Third Bank is a corporation who has been known to go above and beyond just business. In 1991 they celebrated the first “Fifth Third Day,” which recognizes its employees, customers, and communities on the third day of May (5/3). The bank’s kindness and generosity does not stop there.

They relocated back to Detroit this past March and have been contributing to the community ever since. Their latest contribution is the Fifth Third Armed Services Salute which is taking place in Downtown Detroit on November 6.

A number of years ago, Fifth Third Bank was considering several philanthropic pillars to get involved with and make a difference in the community. The CEO at the time had a song serving in the military and was becoming more aware of the trials that military veterans face as they adjust back into civilian life. Quickly, giving back to the veteran and military community became a major focus within the bank.

This year, Fifth Third Bank joined up with Wins for Warriors Foundation create the Fifth Third Bank Armed Services Salute. The event combines three different elements to celebrate Veterans Day, the Detroit Veterans Day Parade, the 4Star 4Mile Race, and Vets Fest, which all fall under the Fifth Third Armed Services Salute.

In addition to the Armed Services Salute, Fifth Third Bank uses several outlets to support veterans, including a program they began to support Fold of Honor, a non-profit that provides scholarships for children of fallen veterans. The bank also has a long history of supporting the annual Detroit Veterans Day Parade and has partnered with ReBuild America to build veteran homes each November.

The Armed Services Salute will give Fifth Third Bank an even larger outlet to show their honor and support for veterans.

“At its core, the Fifth Third Armed Services Salute is a day to celebrate, honor and thank veterans for their service to our country,” said Jack Riley Marketing Director and Senior Vice President of Fifth Third Bank.

Riley will be running to honor his father, who was a World War II veteran and served in the South Pacific in the Army Air Corps. He said that there are a great deal of Fifth Third Bank employees who will be running in the race to honor their own special veteran.

The race will be 4 miles long and begins at noon near Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit. Registration is still available, and for those not ready to run all four miles, walking is more than welcome. Run or walk, we encourage you to come out and honor a veteran in your life. This race is also special because it is the only race that will take place alongside of an ongoing parade, which has gathered a great deal of attention. Following the race and parade will be the Vets Fest, featuring entertainment by Country Music singer, Audrey Ray, as well as food, beverages, and family-friendly activities.

Riley said that in addition to honoring veterans, all proceeds of the 4Star 4Mile Race will go towards the Wins for Warriors Foundation and the Metropolitan Detroit Veterans Coalition, the group that organizes the Detroit Veterans Day Parade.

If you would like to register for the 4Star 4Mile Race or learn more about Vets Fest and The Detroit Veterans Day Parade, please click here. We hope to see you there!

Your contribution will provide invaluable assistance and opportunities for military veterans and their families. Help create wins in their lives.


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