The Adopt. Rescue. Heal. program adopts dogs from shelters and trains them as service animals for military veterans.

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Sunday, September 8, 2019 || Hart Plaza Detroit || 10:00AM

Join us and #RuckToHonor all military members, veterans and first responders who have served and sacrificed after the attacks on 9/11. Never Forget.

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Since 2013, MLB All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander has donated $1M directly to excellent veteran nonprofit organizations, and since 2011 had hosted over 5,000 veteran family members to experience a game in his suite at the stadium. After being so inspired by the support that was created for the military and veteran community through these programs, in 2016 he founded Wins for Warriors Foundation, a 501c3 charity, to empower military veterans with a strong focus on family-bonding activities and collaboration with other organizations.

Thank you again for everything you do. Not just for me and my family but for all of us. Veterans die every day, but because of you and your organization I can guarantee fewer will fail. I know this because you and your organization gave me a kick in the right direction. Forward. - Veteran, United States Army



1: Events and Activities

Creating family-centric events and activities for military members and veterans is a primary way that we raise awareness in our communities and rally support around these incredible families. We have started a year-round calendar and plan to continue to expand these offerings with strategic community partners and sponsors. Click here to see more about our events!

2. Veteran Resource Center

We are currently developing a plan and working with other motivated organizations to create an online resource and call center to help raise awareness for and connect veterans with the appropriate organizations to fulfill long-term needs. This will serve as a veteran concierge program with world-class customer service and resources to help navigate the over 40,000 organizations that exist to assist. If you are interested to partner with us and join these efforts please visit the Contact Us page. Stay tuned for more information!

3. Military & Veteran Family Disaster Relief Support

In September 2017 we expanded our organization to Houston, TX in order to provide support and relief to military and veteran families that had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We launched the Harvey Patriot Grant in order to provide financial assistance to these families in their greatest hour of need. To find out more information and contribute to these selfless families, click here to learn more..



Creating family-centric events and activities for military members and veterans is one of the pillars of Wins for Warriors Foundation. We have started several tent-pole events and plan to continue to expand these offerings with strategic community partners and sponsors. Please click through the links below to view just a few highlights, and follow our Facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter, to keep updated on all events and activities throughout the year.

The Grand Slam Adoption Event is hosted by Kate Upton and Justin Verlander before an MLB Spring Training Game in Florida. This event promotes dog adoptions and illustrates the healing power of animal-human bonds, specifically service animals for military veterans. Proceeds have benefited both SPCA Florida and K9s For Warriors, and 2018 will be the 4th annual event.

This event is saving lives! By spreading the word about K9s For Warriors and veteran suicide, veterans like myself hear this message. It is more powerful than any other form of advertising. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to support this cause and raise awareness alongside Wins for Warriors Foundation at the Grand Slam Adoption Event.

Bryan Foltz | United States Army Veteran & K9s For Warriors Graduate

The inaugural Patriot Ruck will take place on September 9, 2017 in downtown Detroit. We hope everyone joins us to honor all military members, veterans and first responders who have served and sacrificed after the attacks on 9/11. Never Forget.

Downtown Detroit’s official Veterans Day celebration which consists of the 4-Star 4-Mile Race, Vets Fest in Hart Plaza, and the Detroit Veterans Day Parade. This event serves to honor military veterans, create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, and showcase veteran service organizations.

That truly was a special event. I can’t say enough. Everyone I talked to said how awesome it was and so well organized! I saw so many smiles on faces today. And that’s what it is all about. Thank you!!

Ryan Taylor | United States Marine Corps Veteran

Thank you so much for today Christie! We had so much fun and the way the run turned out was amazing. You all did such a fantastic job. I definitely felt so much appreciation as a Vet and I know my Vet family feels the same way. Thank you so much.

Adam Stephens | Michigan Army National Guard

Free for veterans and families, we create a world-class celebration at The War Memorial to help military and veteran families celebrate the holidays with loved ones, and thank those who help keep our Country safe. It includes heart-warming food and drinks, and activities for all ages including a holiday concert, arts and crafts, and photos with Santa.

Thanks for thinking of us Veterans and our families during this holiday season. Many more activities and events are needed for our Veterans, especially those of us who have disabilities and difficulty getting out of our homes. These events help us to still interact with our family and friends and others in a more positive manner. It also shows that others still care about us as Veterans. Thank you so much!

Tanya Jackson | United States Air Force Veteran




Military & veteran families, join us at our year-round events & activities


Help us spread the word and connect w/ great families


Join us to give back and volunteer at events


Start your own campaign, host a fundraiser, or donate


Join as a corporate partner to help us give back


Letter from our founder:

I started Wins for Warriors Foundation because I want to give back to the men, women and families that are making countless sacrifices every day to give others the ability to pursue the American Dream. My dream was to play baseball. I have achieved that and continue to chase after it every single day. Because of the dedicated service of our military members and their families, I was given the opportunity to pursue my dream. That is why I contribute everything I’ve done, all my successes in life, to those fighting for our freedom. That’s why I give back, and I encourage you to join us.

Our goal at Wins for Warriors is to continue to launch an impactful and sustainable veteran organization. We have worked tirelessly to strategically plan a course of action that will allow us to actually help the families we are working to serve, and collaborate with other great organizations while not duplicating their efforts. Our focus is to celebrate and honor military members, veterans and their families, while also providing a resource center to navigate the many benefits and resources that are available to them. We are also now focused on providing relief to the military and veteran families in Texas that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

We cannot successfully achieve these goals, or give back to these incredible families, without immense community support, funding and help. I encourage you to take the time to learn more about our mission, and let’s talk about ways we can achieve this together. Let’s serve the families that defend this great Country, and honor their service in all that we do.


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